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A World of Fish’s Red Sea S-Series Reef Display

Hi Everyone, Here is Manager Robert Christensen of A World of Fish’s 135 gal. Red Sea S-series Reef display. Real Reef Dealer A World of Fish in Minneapolis Minnesota ( is a full line Aquatics retailer who proudly sells the Real Reef line … Continue reading

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Austin Aquadome’s RedSea Max Real Reef Build

Owner Gary Coffman of Austin Aquadome’s new Red Sea Max Reef Aquarium. From start to finish and aquascaped with Real Reef Rock ! The choice of professionals Worldwide!

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REEFAPALOOZA 2012 Real Reef Rock Exhibits

Hi Real Reefers, Team Real Reef had a great Reefapalooza this last weekend! When premier Reef Aquarium product manufacturers, Livestock Suppliers and other in the Aquarium industry want a awesome aquarium display at their booths, they choose only the best … Continue reading

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Say NO to Coral Rock Strip Mining !!!

The wild Live Rock mining, harvest or collection is not a sustainable practice! Never has been and never will be, simply due to the fact that it is the very habitat that is taken and never replaced. There has never … Continue reading

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REAL REEF Made in the U.S.A !!!!

Real Reef is 100% made and grown in the U.S.A. Here at Real Reef we feel it’s critical that we support and buy American made products when ever we can! It’s good for the U.S. economy, security and the American … Continue reading

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Real Reef Mfg. Welcomes New Wholesale Distributors

Hi Real Reef Supporters, Here at Real Reef Mfg. we are proud to announce our new distributors Nationwide.  If you are a qualified retailer, online-etailer or professional service company and need to buy Real Reef Rock, please contact a distributor near … Continue reading

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The Reality of Live Rock Mining.

HOW DO CORAL MINING AND INDISCRIMINATE HARVESTING AFFECT CORAL REEFS? • Reef destruction and sedimentation. Mining blasts and removal of the reef, destroying it and causing other indirect impacts, such as sand erosion, land retreat, and sedimentation. These can all greatly … Continue reading

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Q&A with Real Reef’s Sales Exec. Frank Lim about MACNA 2012

A interview with Frank Lim; Coral Guru, Hobbyist and head of U.S. sales for Real Reef Mfg. I caught Frank a few days after returning from the Dallas MACNA 2012 show. With all the MACNA eye candy, and inside scoop fresh … Continue reading

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MACNA 2012 Real Reef Aquariums

  Hello Real Reef Supporters, Here are a few MACNA 2012 Aquarium display images. Over 20 Exhibitors and 40 plus display aquariums used REAL REEF as thier preferred Live Rock of choice! Enjoy the gallery below and please note the … Continue reading

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Boat Rock Shipment, Spotted 08-15-2012

Hi Real Reef Supporters, Here is a prime example of large volume coral and coral live rock mining. This is a shipment that arrived Mainland U.S. by boat earlier in the month. The shipment originated in the Fiji Islands and shipped via boat … Continue reading

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